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Counsel From The Ant

May 13, 2020 - “One Moment With God” - Counsel From The Ant

“Go to the ant....consider her ways, and be wise.” Proverbs 6:6

PRAYER:  Father, every act of Your creation was declared “good” and is a good and perfect gift from You.

Lord, I thank You that the tiny and unnoticeable ant teaches that the wisest and most admirable work is not done with the roar of a lion (boasting), thunder of an elephant step (ego proclamation) or sounding brass or tinkling cymbals (all noise and no love).

Lord, I pray to have the diligence and quietness of the ant and to be not wise in my own eyes but to fear God and give glory to Him. This is my prayer. Amen

God Is YES.  You Eternally Satisfies!

Patricia Williams Brown. “One Moment With God” Inspirations

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