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I am Royalty!

December 30, 2020 - “One Moment With God” - I am Royalty

“But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood....” I Peter 2:9

PRAYER:  Father, I thank You for your countless ways of loving me.  You rejoice over me with singing (Zephaniah 3:17). You, O God:

Have my name graven upon the palm of your hands. Isaiah 49:16

Value me. Luke 12:6-7

Keep track of my tears. Psalm 56:8

Cover me and call me your own. Isaiah 51:16

Exalt me. I Peter 5:6

Chose, ordained and redeemed me. Isaiah 43:1

Pardon my iniquity. Micah 7:18

Call me blessed of You. Psalm 115:15

Made me royalty I Peter 2:9

Gave your only Son that I might have eternal life. John 3:16.  Lord, I thank You. Amen

God Is YES.  You Eternally Satisfies!

Patricia Williams Brown. “One Moment With God” Inspirations

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