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Safe In-Person Church Registration

Please watch the two videos below, before Registration



Join us in the Sanctuary for the 11:00 praise and worship service.  

On Sabbath mornings, seating in the Sanctuary starts at 10:30 -10:55 and then again from 11:15 until capacity.  

We request that worshippers arrive on time as much as possible to facilitate the time needed to seat everyone. Please include the names of EACH person attending from your household below (including yourself). 

Registration data collected in this process will be used internally for check-in purposes and for contact tracing should we need to alert you that someone with whom you came into contact tests positive for COVID-19. Masks, social distancing, sign-in and safety protocols are required for all in-person services. 

Please keep the following in mind as we gather:

You must self-screen for possible COVID-19 symptoms prior to arrival at Bethany using the following questions:

Please register by clicking the link below after watching the video.


Watch Video First !